Friends with Benefits

The feeling of getting jealous but is absolutely not allowed. The important firm decision made but is still considered as an option. The risk that is willing to take but unnoticed. Kind of complicated isn’t it? Well, relationship comes in more explicit undefined and uncontrolled situation which could refer to mutual agreement. Friends with Benefits is best described as the precise main point of having some mutual and sexual conformity but disregarding the essence of commitment and responsibility.

Friends With BenefitsIn so many ways, the word connection is largely emphasized as physical and sexual chemistry. The “no strings attached” phrase is a more specific consistency of doing something that does not requires definite obligation from someone who practically disregard responsibility at the first place. Being stuck with someone who acknowledges their intimate connection as an open source of not handling the relationship in more expressive way is a risk that one or both persons could take and they might even enjoy that condition. The perception of taking the relationship strictly physical and yet still remain friends is actually happening in reality and everybody seems focused to accept it as a normal behavior which actually speaks the truth of complications they choose rather than being emotionally damaged.

Sometimes, in most cases, physical intimacy with a friend is just a cliché of playing safe. No hurt feelings, no mutual disagreements, no specific commitment, no frustrating arguments, which is totally good because both people can still have the same kind of relationship they want and yet still continue to do witty things without any expectations. Someone can promptly say “I like you; you like me, then let’s have sex”. That’s it. Just like that. Sounds interesting? Now let’s proceed to hard part of the situation.

There are certain instances that the physical connection can possibly turn into a deeper emotional distress. Sex happens to be part of an intimate relationship between a guy and a girl and by passionately indulging into sexual intercourse for a couple of times can actually create the thing we call “unwanted feeling”. That’s the biggest problem of entering into something that can make you actively dependent to do things rather unreasonable. Yes, you both enjoy kissing and having sex because of lust fulfillment and satisfaction. But when the desire of wanting that person to realize your worth and not just sees you as a sex partner would took place, it could be a lot worse than you can imagine.

Nobody seems to notice that embarking onto something radically irrational can absolutely change everything. The friendship, respect and platonic love can completely turn into something you never thought could exist. Honestly speaking, the truth about it is we crave and hope for something meaningful thing might happen if we decided to stick on the plan of experiencing Friends with Benefits which actually brings us to the conclusion of “it’s just sex”.

Doing what you want to do is just normal. That’s precisely the idea. But better have a deeper understanding about the situation before realizing in the end that it is too late to fix harmful damages that destroys everything you wished to keep.

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